School wide and at-home access

When you order Aquila online books, all teachers and students in your school can access the online books you purchased. One same password for everyone in your school makes these a-v books easy to use and easy to manage.

Online Worksheets

All online a-v book purchases include online worksheets. Students can enter their answers directly in the worksheets on the screen, download them and/or print them. Look for the "download worksheets" link in each a-v book's description on the website. Online worksheets are also available in our Google Drive.

What makes Aquila online audiovisual books so popular?

Our levelled online audio visual books feature age and level-appropriate stories and dialogues especially written and narrated for the foreign language K12 classroom. Highlighted, "read-along" text lets your students see the words highlighted on the screen while hearing them, making it easier to follow and understand the story. A wonderful way to improve both reading and listening comprehension. Stories include on-page French-English lexicons and exhaustive, online follow-up activity worksheets that include levelled comprehension, vocabulary and easy grammar exercises. Stories are read by professional actors in standard French at a slow yet natural pace. These are ideal for your TPRS lessons and a great addition to your FVR classroom library.

How to order Aquila online a-v books

You can order online and start using them immediately. If you are a new user, sign up, complete the form, add the titles to your cart and start enjoying them immediately. An invoice will follow by email and you can pay by credit card or cheque.

Can I order by phone?

Yes! You can also order by phone and we can take care of setting up your account for you. Just call Mike direct at 1-800-667-7071 or send him an email with the bundle or list of titles you wish to order. mike@aquilacommunications.com.

Are school board-wide or multiple-school discounts available?

Yes! Call Mike direct at 1-800-667-7071 for a fast price quote.

Can I order print+online book bundles?

Yes! For example, you can purchase a class set of print books (30 same-title print books) with their companion online a-v book and online worksheets for only $249. Many more packages like these are available, please check brochures and our catalogue or call Mike at 1-800-667-7071. We will glad to help you find the right bundle(s) for your classroom.

How do I order Aquila print books?

The complete Aquila print book catalogue is available at www.aquilaFSL.com. You can also call Mike at 1-800-667-7071 for immediate assistance. We will be glad to help.

Questions or tech support?

Please call us direct at 1-800-667-7071 or write to mike@aquilacommunications.com. We will be glad to help.